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Hi there, my real name is Francis but everybody calls me Pebbles, I am a plastering consultant from Guildford, UK. My pastimes are candle making, orienteering and amateur astronomy. I went to school in Dumfries and I went to Coventry University. I have a sister Keeley and three brothers, I’ve a pet pony called Mandi. I own a plastering agency and like to assist people with their plastering needs.

The best way to describe a plasterer is that he or she is a tradesman who works with render, plaster and screed, mostly by laying plaster on ceiling and walls or as a decorative moulding. Plasterers have been in business for hundreds of years and working with plaster is among the most ancient trades used on homes and structures. Even primitive people made use of a form of mud based plaster to hold together the walls of their homes.

Nowadays plasterers are still much sought after and quite a few tradespeople can make a decent living by learning to be plasterers. Plastering calls for an advanced level of proficiency and needs to be done according to the accepted industry guidelines. Plastering jobs may be given by mouth written down. In general plasterers do their work alone although there are a number of firms that give plastering services as well. A plastering project may additionally be subjected to reviews with respect to quality and speed.

There are several responsibilities and obligations included in plastering. One of those will be to obtain the required plaster and then to do the mixing and matching, the tradesman will need to bring all the necessary tools to undertake the work. A typical task could be to patch up cracks in ceilings and walls. This is known in the trade as lath and plaster work. A plasterer could additionally get involved in the erection of walls, buildings and ceilings and commonly the plaster itself will be put on metal, wood, brick or tile surfaces which are coated using a 2 or 3 layer process. Additional work might also comprise the patching up of existing damaged plaster or the removal of loosened areas of plaster.

Regular projects might in addition include cutting out cracks and then putting on a new plaster coating. The job is then concluded using a trowel or sanding surface finish. If you wish to accomplish the processes which plastering jobs entail, you need to possess the inclination and skills to get it done properly.

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